National Milk Day

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National Milk Day


As explained by Amul, Verghese Kurien, who is known as the Father of White Revolution in India for his project Operation Flood, was born on November 26. This is why the day is known as National Milk Day across the country.

Now what’s important in this?

This respected man has a very important role in history of India. Kurien is best known for his Operation Flood.’ India was not in a good state back then as our economy was hit and large masses remained unemployed. Also, food shortage was another problem behind it. If it were not Kurien’s effort, we would still be facing a lot of hardships.


Verghese, is more popularly known for finding Amul, or Anand Cooperative, Gujarat. This is a very famous company whose products are exported to international boundaries also. I bet you have eaten your first butter from this company only. (isn’t it utterly butterly delicious?).

Coming back to the role of Verghese, he is known to have initiated white revolution in india, that is promoting dairy products through sustainable means. This million-dollar idea made Dairy industry as one of the self-sustaining and biggest industry of india. It also provided much needed employment to rural people.



Verghese was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1963, along with the Padma Shri (1965), Padma Bhushan (1966) and Padma Vibhushan (1999) for his noble deeds.

DD national -  Addressing a function on the National Milk Day in New Delhi, Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said, India’s milk production rose by 19 per cent in the last three years to touch 163.6 million tons, leading to a significant increase in dairy farmers’ income. India is the largest milk producer in the world, he said, adding that the country’s milk production grew at an annual rate of 6 per cent during 2014-17 as against 4 per cent during the previous three years.

GEP salutes such an amazing human being .

Happy milk day to all our viewers.

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