Exam fear decoded

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Exam fear decoded


Exam are coming nearby and so is the excitement and stress associated with exams. Many students compete on national level for this mega – event called Board Examination. However, many students spent days and nights at a counselor, which can be even more dreadful than exams itself.

Read on this article to be in the right spirit and mood for this mega event and face it happily.

Lets first discuss What is exam fear:- 

As is very well written in various self help books that ‘excess of everything is bad, ‘so is true for studying. Exam fear is that state where a student takes enough stress that ultimately turns into depression or in severe cases into certain chronic mental disorders. This not only ruins the student but also shatters his family. 

Why should students develop such a mental state? 

As we discussed earlier that excess of everything is bad and so is the true for study; According to a recent survey, as many as 2 Lakh+ students show symptoms such as loss of appetite, restlesness etc. before or after exams. 

 What do you think is the reason? 

1. Parental & peer pressure – This is one of the major reason which causes unnecessary stress in young minds of children. In this ever rising era of competition, children take stress to excel and keep at par with all activities. They need to study, prepare for competition and simultaneously be update regarding all stuff. So called Co-Curricular activities only put more stress than any benefit.

2. Extreme competition and Defective Indian Education System – A major flaw of Ind. Education system is that it focuses more on academic marks and overshadows other skills of life. Many Entrepreneurs have already pointed this out. Children are forced to take pressure and this lead to unnecessary stress 

3. Wrong decisions – After 10th class, children has to select any one of the 4 streams available viz. Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Non-Medical or Medical. Since whole life ahead depends on the stream one chooses so one should choose it wisely but mistakes do happen. These mistakes causes distress in individuals and they often take stress.

What to do? 

This is a question you all must be thinking all the while reading this article. Obviously a positive and happy mind performs way too better than a sad and depressed one. 

GEP takes this initiative to tell you simple techniques that can help you in your studies as well as help you stay motivated and positive.

Life is full of challenges. No one would commit mistake if they know it’s a mistake. So step forward and do mistakes. Don’t feel bad if things go wrong. Avoid any unnecessary pressure. If you don’t get a seat in IIT, does not mean that your life is over.

Nothing is more important than your good health. 

Never compare yourself with your mates, You are unique and no one else can replace you. So, don’t feel bad for what you don’t have rather be thankful for what you have. Some are good in music, others at singings and so on. If Sachin Tendulkar had compared himself with Lata mangeshkar, it would be pointless.

In the end, we would like to conclude as follow, `A little bit of stress can be a good thing as it motivates us to knuckle down and work hard.Increased level stress levels can work negatively, which can stop us from performing our best.It's important to address it and get it back under control. 

Always keep in mind that life will not end with these small exams rather its a prepration for bigger ones.

Stay cool and give your best rather than worrying about results.


Team GEP wishes good luck to all students!!!!

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