Gadgets College Going Students Can Use

Gadgets College Going Students Can Use


A lot of things have changed over the years. Technology too has not been spared. While high-end gadgets were unheard of even in the last decade or so, things have changed since then. A number of sleek and multi-utility gadgets have sprung up in the recent years, most of which can be used by school and college going students. The best part with these gadgets besides being cheap is that they are easy to work on and provide value for money.

So here are the gadgets you can consider using if you are a student...

1] E-reader

Textbooks are getting heavier each passing year. And the burden of carrying these materials everyday to the school can be seen in the form of students’ fatigue and backache. If you are facing this problem and are looking for ways to combat it then there is some good news for you. All you need is an E-reader! This mobile electronic device is unbelievably popular among students for reading periodicals and digital e-books. All you need is a single e-reader to replace hundreds of text books! And guess what, e-readers will also lessen the burden on your shoulder considerably.

Different versions of e-readers have been introduced by of lately. The 6” e-readers weigh anywhere between 170g and 215g depending on the model you choose. Kobo Inc. is another manufacturer of these devices that has Aura, Aura HD, Touch, Mini and Glo in its portfolio. All these e-readers are available in 2GB and 4GB variants. Other leading manufacturers of e-readers are: Onyx, Sony, Asus and Samsung. A typical e-reader can cost you anywhere between 5,000 INR – 11,000 INR.

2] Laptop

It does not matter whether you are studying in a school or college; the need to have a laptop besides you is always there. After all, you can end up wasting tons of paper scribbling things if you don’t own a laptop or worse still, you may feel deprived of practising complicated programs to have a better understanding of various concepts. Laptops these days are available in capacities and from different brands. You are free to choose one based on your needs and budget. Some of the leading laptop manufacturers are – Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Sony, Acer and HP. The cost of laptop can vary greatly depending upon the features available in them. The typical cost of these devices can vary between 17,000 INR – 176,000 INR.

3] Tablet

Tablets are among newest gadgets to have hit the market. As is the case with laptops, tablets come in different forms and brands. Tablets can be used by students for reading magazines or books, browsing the web or studying. Tablets can also be used for entertainment purposes as they stream movies and TV shows. Some of the popular brands of tablets include Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, Lenovo ThinkPad, HP Slate, etc. Of these, Samsung Galaxy Tab have been introduced in the market in different versions like Tab3 8.0, Tab3 7.0, Tab3 10.1, Tab2 10.1, Tab2 7.0, Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 7.7 and so on. Most of these tablets range anywhere between 300g and 587g and have necessary features like Camera and Wi-Fi. The battery capacity is between 4000mAh and 6800mAh. Leading manufacturers of Tablets are – Apple, Google, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and Dell. The price of these products can vary between 5,000 INR – 24,000 INR.

4] Laptop lock

College and school going students have got many things going in their mind and therefore there are chances that they may leave certain things left unattended for a long time. In this regard, having help of a laptop lock can make a lot of difference. You can have a coffee refill or go for bathroom break without any tension in having this lock. Leading manufacturers of Laptop Locks are – TAG, Targus and Headturnerz. The price can vary between 110 INR – 1500 INR.

5] External mouse

When you use your laptop excessively and for long hours without using a mouse, there are chances that your wrist getting tired. This is where having the services of an external mouse can make all the difference. It is often found that students, both school and college going, often end up spending considerable amount of time on their laptops. So having this gadget around helps a lot! Leading manufacturers of External Mouse are – Microsoft, Dell, Logitech, HP, Apple, iBall, Lenovo, Intex and Amkette. The price can vary between 80 INR – 7,300 INR.

6] USB flash drive

Gone are the days when one had to use floppy disk drives for storing and transferring files. Today, students can make use of USB flash drives that serve almost the same purpose. The storing and transferring of files through these devices are simpler and quick. Also, these devices are easy to carry around and are available in different capacities. Leading manufacturers of USB flash drives are – HP, Sandisk, Transcend, Strontium and Toshiba. The price can vary between 250 INR – 4,800 INR.

7] Cooling pad

Laptops may be extremely easy to use. However, they cannot be used on your lap for long hours as their name suggests. This is especially so when they get hot and are bulky. This is where the cooling pad can come to your rescue. All students need to own a pad sooner than later. Leading manufacturers of Cooling Pads are – Zebronics, Belkin, Logitech and Targus. The price can vary between 200 INR – 2,500 INR.

8] Printer

Printers have been in the market for a long while now and are still preferred by students and teachers over emails and other communication tools as they help mark important points that emails can’t. Printers provide an easy and affordable way to keep a track of all study materials that you can refer to whenever you want to. Students naturally will benefit a lot from these devices. Leading manufacturers of Printers are – HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, Brother and Xerox. The price can vary between 2,700 INR – 21,000 INR.

9] Bluetooth speaker

Students no matter where there are studying will find music entertaining. Therefore, it is not surprising to see modern day students investing considerable amount of money in buying music products for their needs. The emergence of Bluetooth speakers in the market has taken the craze for music to a new level. These speakers are extremely light in weight and small. All a student needs to do is pair the speaker with a computer or phone and play.

If you are looking for a small and compatible Bluetooth speaker you can consider Jam Plus and Jam Classic. These speakers provide 6 hours and 4 hours of battery backup respectively. While the former can be had for Rs 7990, the latter costs about Rs 2990. Leading manufacturers of Bluetooth Speakers are – Philips, JBL, Logitech and Zebronics. The price can vary between 850 INR – 57,000 INR.

10] Scientific calculator

No matter how good you are at math, you will feel the need to have a scientific calculator at some point in time or other. These small devices are extremely beneficial in cracking complicated equations and formulas. Leading manufacturers of scientific calculators are – Casio, Texas Instruments, Cello, Flair and Orpat. The price can vary between 300 INR – 800 INR.

11] External hard drive

Every student needs to find a way to back up his or her data in a computer. After all, the data you store could be of highest importance to you and you cannot afford to lose them for trivial reasons. An external hard drive available in the market easily these days can be of use in this regard. Leading manufacturers of scientific calculators are – Seagate, Sony, Apple, Toshiba and WD. The price can vary between 3,300 INR – 275,000 INR.

12] MiFi

If you have been facing problems like slow or inconsistent internet connection at your place then it is time you try out MiFi, a device that has been designed and developed exclusively to put these kinds of problems to rest. Leading manufacturers of MiFi are – D-Link, Netgear and Asus. The price can vary between 1,300 INR – 4,500 INR.


13] Noise-cancelling headphones

These gadgets are really useful for students as they enable the cancellation of sound and let them to enjoy quality music. Leading manufacturers of Noise-cancelling headphones are – Sony, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, JBL, Panasonic and Yamaha. The price can vary between 125 INR – 112,000 INR.



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