Pressure of Board Exams

Pressure of Board Exams

Here in India the mentality among parents is that if their child doesn't get good marks in his/her board exams then they will not get admission in a good college and then after graduating they will not get a good job so they start torturing the innocent children from their childhood itself to study, study and study..! When the child grows up and looks behind he/she realises that his/her childhood is already gone..! In abroad the scenario is reverse. So is that external mental pressure on the innocent minds really necessary when they have just started understanding all that is happening around them..?


Not only INDIA,  all the countries( esp Asian) emphasis more on education. Parents are not to be blamed here. The education system employed here employs higher the marks , higher the quality of student principle. Western Universities are no different. Do you think any one can get admitted in Stanford/Oxford? No right? Here too GPA/WPA and other capabilities of students are taken into consideration.
Feeling pressurised doesn't solve the issue, it rather worsens the issue. But understanding that the level of education what we are provided is needed for us to pursue our own interests in future does.
For eg: If one wants to pursue Phd, it is obvious that he/she needs to be focused. IITs don't take in students with less than 65% in masters . So it defaulty implies that you need to work hard to achieve what you want to.Same is with CET exams, unless you score well , you don't get into a good university which teaches well, the case is completely different if you want to don't want to enter academic career.If you aim for say- IT jobs, still you need to be good at something.
Parents, just take care that their kids don't neglect studies. Its just that marks being the criteria for everything which makes them do that. Childhood is phase where not only people play or keep laughing all the time. Its rather a growth stage where one starts to learn things and shows interest when something new pops up. 


Total focus on studies is not at all required. There are many other things other than studies in which one can maker his/her career in. But if a chance isn't given at all to bring out his/her talents because of studies pressure how will he/she come to know the hidden talent stored within? So if the pressure of studies is reduced a bit he/she can explore within oneself and come to know his/her hidden talent. Afterall each one is special in his/her own way and if not given a chance of exploring within that hidden talent may never come out. Studies are necessary but even it has its own limits.
If a child today say he doesn't want ot study and carry out some other activity his demand wouldn't be fulfilled because here people feel if a child doesn't study his career is ruined. Though facts don't deny that there are exceptions out there but here the majority kind of people out there. Parents are not to be blamed for this as it has been deep rooted in our tradition.

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