Breathtaking journey of India and Indians - Part II

Breathtaking journey of India and Indians - Part II

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Without wasting any further time, lets one again start a spectacular journey of India- The wonder country.


1) TATA - Greatest company in the world

Founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868, the Tata group is a global enterprise, headquartered in India, comprising over 100 independent operating companies.


How it's amazing then? 

Well tell us if any person who is an Indian has not used any TATA product?


Quick facts:-

1. One can find TATA everywhere, i.e., Salt, Voltas AC, TATA Motors, TATA Communications, TATA digital tv, TATA buses, trucks, Hotels, Lakme, Air India, Masalas, pulses, Tanishq, Himalayan Mineral water, Westside, Steels, Tata Mc Graw hill, TIFR, Indicash, Tata consultancy services, Military vehicles, Titan, Fastrack, to name a few.

2. TATA is in every goddamn business. But you will never see them in Alcohol business, cigarette business and Entertainment business. Never.

3. In 2000 Tata brought up the British company Tetley Tea for 407 million dollars and then next to his Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008 after the GFC for 2.3 billion dollars.

4. JRD Tata was one of the first to get a commercial Pilot’s license in India

5. Most ethical company.


2) Taj Mahal - Non ordinary facts

No ordinary facts, Read to find most amazing and rarest facts about this 7th Wonder of World.


Quick facts -

1) Taj Mahal was covered with a huge scaffold during WW2 to make it look like a stockpile of Bamboo and misguide any enemy bombers. (It was also disguised again in 1971!)

2)  Black Taj Mahal - A french explorer, Jean - Baptiste in his studies reportedly claimed that Shah Jahan wanted to built a second Taj Mahal of crystal Black colour mimicking the first.

However, Aurangzeb ( Son of shah jahan ) Prisoned him before he could act. Amazing isn't it?

3) Shah jahan himself remained in prison for a long time ( By Aurangzeb ), hence restrained for 9 long years from visiting Taj Mahal.


3) The hakki pikki tribe, Bhadrapur

Bhadrapura, The Hakki-Pikki Tribe And Their Names

If you head to Bhadrapura, a village which is located on the borders of Bangalore and ask for ‘Ball’ You won’t get an object that is in round shape but you will meet a girl claiming to be the ‘Ball’ you’re looking for.


Quick facts:-

1. The peregrine tribe ‘Hakki-Pikki ‘ titles their children based on real words. The tribes name their children after daily life objects around them. For Instance if a baby is born in the month of december they will name her after it.

2. They also name their children based on the places that they have visited, famous film actors and Daily products.

3.  If the couple like Dosa, their baby will be named Dosa. You can also meet Supreme Court, Coffee, Train, Delhi, Phone, Cycle, Elizabeth Rani, Tiger, Congress and Janata. The village is entirely filled with people having weird names.

4. The Hakki-Pakki are now having a slow transformation.


4) Gupt Godavari -

Source - Ankita Binanni

About 19 kms away from the town of Chitrakoot (M.P.), there exists the 'Gupt Godavari' caves.

I've been there 3 years back and believe me, the place depicts mythological stories from its every nook and corner.


Quick facts :-

1) As the name suggests, the river Godavari flows in this cave with a very secretive passage.

2)When you enter, the water will be up to 2 inches and as you advance, the level of water rises up to 4 feet.

3)The amazing albeit shocking fact of this cave is that as you reach the end of this cave, you notice that the river flows to another cave and then disappears.


5. Taste of darkness -

source :

There is a restaurant in Hyderabad, where you cannot see the food you eat but only get to taste or experience it. The restaurant shrouded in darkness provides the people the feel of the lives of the visually impaired.


Concept of Restaurant :

Taste of Darkness is a gastronomic experience you cannot replicate or even hope to experience again elsewhere.

Imagine...a proper, formal, sit-down dinner with 50 people, in a room that's bathed in complete darkness.

Everyday a surprise menu awaits you. Expect to be served  courteously by their well trained dining guides who serve you from their  selection of local and global cuisine while you experience the pleasure  of enjoying food using only the aroma and your taste buds as reference.


This is enough for this article.

We end this one here but don't worry we will be back once again with another list that will make you fall in love with our wonder country, India once again.


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Jai Hind

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