Student Corner


Online Interactive Platform

Our online platform provides students a unique facility which helps them in grooming themselves and in connecting with mentors and students from other colleges for career counseling.

Online & Offline Competitions

This feature helps in highlighting talent of students from different locations across India at a common place and gives them an opportunity to grow in their respective line of interest.

Industry Interaction

This platform will help students in getting insights from industry leaders.


Our consulting platform assists students and parents in deciding the right courses and the college for their Children.


We assist school students in getting them connected with mentors to colleges for their respective line of interest. Similarly we assist college students in getting mentorship from industry experts which help them in preparing for real life situations.


GEP believes that every individual has got his or her own personality and it can neither be changed nor be developed in a day's time. Personality development is a lifelong process which starts right from early schools days and is nurtured during lifetime.

Our training program consists of different onsite events, completions and classroom training which student can take with his/her daily routine.

We have fleet of more than 50+ trainers with whom our R&D department has worked in creating interesting ways for students to learn and improve their skills with us on day to day basis, which is why we always believe in becoming “Education Partners for Life”.


GEP will provide opportunities to member students for participating in different events organized by us at City, District, State and Country level.

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